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Leadership speech


Dear colleagues, staff:

Hello everyone.

First of all, to express our heartfelt thanks to the selfless work of everyone: Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for your support and cooperation! See you Perspiration came down like raindrops. work, my heart I do not know what language to express their gratitude to you again and again and again, only say to you: "sincere thank you!" It is this "unity and hard work, spirit heritage, to give top-notch", make our unremitting self-improvement, go to today step by step. Our employees every twinkle and smile, every tree and bush, makes my heart feel gratified, have such colleagues, employees feel happy and proud.

A thousand sails pass by the side of the sunken ship, ten thousand flowers bloom ahead of the injured tree. We after a period of development, has been gradually moving towards a new situation, but at the same time, we have to face up to various problems of our existence. Nothing in the past can not the headrest of the credit for the thin, unsuccessfully. With our continuous development, by external uncertain factors will be more. How do we face the external adverse factors, as a negative change, which requires us to managers to be vigilant in peace time, every moment of every day should have a great sense of crisis, a sense of urgency, change idea, unceasingly enterprising; this requires every employee should be more conscious of their own requirements and change, no matter in what posts should do their own work.

Churchill said: "a man must not be in the face of the threat of danger, turned back and tried to escape, if you do, you will double the danger, but if you meet it without flinching, would halve the risk." The new supersedes the old. is a human must process, is also an enterprise continues to change and life. We set up a new leadership team this year, a tree planting continues to grow from a process, to watering, fertilization and experienced wind and rain to grow sturdily in the process. Also new leading group was established, also need everyone from the heart, in good faith, sincere help and supervision. In the course of work will encounter some difficulties, some aspects can not adapt to the. Therefore we should make concerted efforts, mutual aid. For our new generation high expectations, so that our new staff to establish a strong dedication, responsibility and sense of mission, to be humble, willing to pay. This encourages you to unite, self criticism, and absorption of advanced, optimize their common test, in the face of the storm, the work implement.

Finally, take the opportunity to thank you again for trust, encouragement and help of my! Thank all of our managers, staff support of my work and help! Sincerely thank you for your!

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