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Aggrandizement wood floor please

Aggrandizement wood floor please

Aggrandizement wood floor is a good cost-effective floor, affordable and color variety, suitable for all kinds of home decoration. Below are some specific introduction to strengthen wooden floor:

Aggrandizement wood floor is the biggest characteristic of good wear resistance, very suitable for the living room, people quite centralized occasions, the floor is wood species in the price of the cheapest one floor. In the installation and maintenance is also very simple. However, advised consumers not to buy 80 yuan / square meters below the floor. In the selection of aggrandizement wood floor of the time mainly pay attention to the following index:

Wear-resisting: GB household the wear-resisting revolution of aggrandizement wood floor to 4000 rpm, public places, such as shopping malls, schools and other flow more places the wear-resisting revolution of aggrandizement wood floor to 9000 rpm.

On the formaldehyde content GB regulation, strengthen the wooden floor of the formaldehyde content of high grade E1 can be. Some merchants said floor formaldehyde index own up to grade E0 or say their floor is zero formaldehyde floor, this is business promotion play the marketing slogan.

And don't forget to see the test report.

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