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Enhanced composite floors how to maintain

Enhanced composite floors how to maintain

Aggrandizement wood floor maintenance is relatively simple, in the use of everyday life as long as you pay attention to the following points, can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

1, all wooden floor will increase or decrease with moisture or temperature changes, the change of the environment of its moisture content, the influence of floor expansion. So as to protect the skin from the same rational water, keep the floor rate.

2 floor, usually do not need to wax and paint, do not use sandpaper for polishing.

3, recommend placing tic rubs the pad in the entrance, in order to prevent the belt into the dust particle, damaging the floor.

4, stains and grease the surface of the floor please clean with household cleaning agents, do not use large amounts of water to clean the floor.

5, the north dry areas, in the winter should pay attention to increase the humidity of floor surface with a wet mop, mop the floor, increasing the surface humidity suitably, can effectively solve the floor to produce gap and cracking. As the location of individual cracks, please inform the sales unit, fill the processing of local. In filling, increase the ground humidity appropriate, to facilitate the floor restoration.

The rainy season of 6, please note that the windows are shut, lest rainy.

7, heating, air conditioning and so please pay attention to the maintenance of indoor facilities, so as to avoid Water Leakage soaked floor. In case of discovery of floor water, as soon as possible should be water soaking floor removed, processed in the shade to dry or inform the sales unit.

8, toilet and kitchen doorway, should pay attention to the timely liquidation of stagnant water.

9, do not drag moving furniture, it is suitable to uplift.

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