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Enhanced wood floors and wood floors compared

Aggrandizement wood floor and real wood floor prices more easily compared, for the general consumers to accept

But because of its advantages of wear-resistant, rich in style, pollution resistant, easy care, currently on the market popular with consumers. But for the general consumers, strengthen the wooden floor of the brand is numerous, quality uneven, some good and some bad market, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of strengthening the quality of wood flooring, to choose the desired floor is not a easy thing. Jiabao network Xiaobian compiled some relevant information of aggrandizement wood floor, hoping to help you. 1 preferred operating history, well-known brand manufacturers products: aggrandizement wood floor is high scientific and technological content of products, from the appearance, very not easy to distinguish between the quality is good or bad, but by quality inspection. Therefore recommends that consumers buy brand products. The famous brand of general after the market operation test, has set a good image in the minds of consumers. Famous brand not only guarantee the quality of products is also responsible for the installation, the more important is the service assurance, buy at ease, avoid any menace from the "rear". May be cheap floor brand floor than every square metre can cheap two, thirty yuan, but its effect, the service life may be just the brand floor of 1/2 or less, and a lack of environmental protection and after sale service guarantee. Keep in mind that no good cheap goods only, sell at a special low price products tend to have problems, cheap to hide behind a have no bottom trap. Facing the intense market competition, who all want to attract consumers, but pay attention to the quality of normal manufacturer is not a jump off building price. 2 from the packaging identification: name, formal manufacturers floor packaging should be Chinese marked the address of the manufacturer, and the use of the implementation of standards. From 2001 onwards strengthen the wooden floor of the national standards implemented, the name and number is the people's Republic of China national standard GB18580-2001. Famous brand has both the test reports show China's quality inspection departments of the authority; and in the product on package labeling of intact. The registered trademark, manufacturers, business units, type, number, address, telephone etc.. Here to remind the sentence, do not covet cheap buy aggrandizement wood floor, so as not to be cheated. 3 choose the wear-resisting revolution: the content of strengthening the abrasion resistance of wood floor depends mainly on the surface of three two aluminum oxide, wear-resisting revolution some corresponding to three oxidation of two aluminum content. For floor wear-resisting revolution is usually used to more than 6000, while in public places are usually used to more than 9000, you can choose according to need. 4 choose the free formaldehyde release a quantity: strengthen the formaldehyde containing a certain amount of wooden floor, if exceed the regulations of the state index (1.5mg/L) will be harmful to the human body. In the choose and buy the most appropriate selection of national environmental protection certification mark products or exemption product. 5 choose the material density: aggrandizement wood floor base material (high density fiberboard) density should be 0.82-0.96g/cm3, density is too low or too high are not appropriate. Legislation as the floor - laminate flooring, Soundproof Flooring, geothermal floor, synchronization to flowers floor, large pressing plate! Welcome to inquire! Www.lixiangdiban.com

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